PDP Corporate Structure

The PDP Foundation corporate structure is based on a stewardship framework that will ensure full responsibility and accountability to the PDP mandate of being a channel to restore God YHUH’s (silent) Kingdom upon the Earth. This stewardship framework is based on the very first words the Heavenly Father spoke to mankind in Genesis 1:28 ‘Then God blessed them and said, “Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and govern it”’.

The executive board members will represent each of the five pillars of the stewardship framework –

  • Spiritual (maintaining a covenant relationship with the Heavenly Father)
  • People (reconciling and uniting people)
  • Environmental (preserving the Earth, maintaining the Heavenly Father’s creation)
  • Economic (catalysing economic activity to ensure all people have the opportunity to work and create wealth)
  • Governance (ensuring righteousness, justice, truth and love are maintained in the eco-system)

All activities that the PDP Foundation undertakes will be viewed through the lens of these 5 stewardship pillars and partners will be required to adhere to these. The executive board members will be held accountable by all stakeholders to these 5 stewardship pillars.

“4 So then, let us [who minister] be regarded as servants of Christ and stewards (trustees, administrators) of the mysteries of God [that He chooses to reveal]. 2 In this case, moreover, it is required [as essential and demanded] of stewards that one be found faithful and trustworthy.” 1 Corinthians 4:1-2 AMP

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