Earth's Call Foundation

Earth’s Call Foundation’s mission is to provide the necessary tools and training to communities, allowing them to break the cycle of waste and depletion of the world's renewable resources with excessive techniques leading to unsustainable deforestation, culling and fish harvesting.

Giving them the freedom to generate a self-sustaining life through entrepreneurial means that do not require crime or the destruction of nature to survive. We aim to release these individuals as equipped, educated and driven conservationists, civil servants and leaders of the next generation. Through these processes, generating and increasing community employment, both directly and through income-generating opportunities, cultivating and leading a fulfilled, purpose-driven life.

Through the Seed and Feed drive, Earth’s Call Foundation helps to prepare communities for the uncertain times that lie ahead in terms of food security. The project focuses on educating rural communities on ancient planting techniques, that ensure not only successful crops and orchards but also non-GMO seed harvesting. The method secures seed banks for future planting operations which is becoming a grave concern for small farmers.

Earth’s Call Foundation is also very focused on recycling, reusing and reducing waste. This ethic is driven through our foundation and into all projects we initiate. Protecting our Earth, our inheritance from our Heavenly Father is of paramount importance, for now, and for future generations.

“10:18 And in those days the whole earth will be tilled in righteousness and all of it will be planted with trees; and it will be filled with blessing. 10:19 And all the pleasant trees they will plant on it and they will plant on it vines. And the vine that is planted on it will produce fruit in abundance; and every seed that is sown on it, each measure will produce a thousand, and each measure of olives will produce ten baths of oil. 10:20 And you cleanse the Earth from all wrong, and from all iniquity, and from all sin, and from all impiety, and from all the uncleanness which is brought about on the earth. 10:21 And all the sons of men shall be righteous, and all the nations shall serve and bless me and all shall worship me. 10:22 And the Earth will be cleansed from all corruption, and from all sin, and from all wrath, and from all torment; and I will not again send a flood upon it, for all generations, forever.” The Book of Enoch 10:18 – 10:22

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