PDP Corporate Structure

The PDP corporate structure is based on a stewardship framework that will ensure full responsibility and accountability to the PDP mandate of being a channel to restore God’s Kingdom upon the earth. This stewardship framework is based on the very first words God spoke to mankind in Genesis 1:28 ‘Then God blessed them and said, “Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and govern it”’.

The executive board members will represent each of the five pillars of the stewardship framework –

  1. Spiritual (maintaining a covenant relationship with God)
  2. People (reconciling and uniting people)
  3. Environmental (preserving the earth, maintaining God’s creation)
  4. Economic (catalysing economic activity to ensure all people have the opportunity to work and create wealth)
  5. Governance (ensuring righteousness, justice, truth and love is maintained in the eco-system)

All activities that PDP undertakes will be viewed through the lens of these 5 stewardship pillars and partners will be required to adhere to these. The executive board members will be held accountable by all stakeholders to these 5 stewardship pillars.

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